Get closer with Quantum Zoom:
Particle Sensor with Real-time Shape Recognition

The Q.ANT Particle Sensor reveals what’s previously been hidden:
the shape and structure of the smallest particles. And all in real-time.

Better quality at higher efficiency? The solution lies in the smallest particles.

Quantum-based particle sensors enable more sustainable processes, more energy-efficient applications and industry products of the highest quality. Welcome to the future of particle measurement!

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Chemical Industry
Water Purification
Cleaning & Filtration
Food Industry


This converts the light in the superposition state back into linear light waves.

Measurement output

Data from the light measurement is fed from this output to software that uses it to generate information about the items measured.

Light in superposition state

The light in the superposition state is beamed to the measurement cell.


This focuses the laser beam and converts the incoming linear light waves into light in a superposition state.

Linear light waves

Linear light waves strike the lens.

Laser driver

This generates the laser beam.

Measurement cell

In this cell. the particles flow in gas, liquids or as powder through a translucent tube.

The quantum trick

The light in the superposition state "illuminates" a particle simultaneously in several dimensions. This allows conclusions to be made almost immediately about the speed, size, position and shape of the particle being examined.

Optical fiber

This guides the laser beam.

Enlightning with the Quantum Trick

Q.ANT Particle Sensors work through deliberately generated quantum effects in excited light. When light in a superposition state meets a particle, it is illuminated in multiple dimensions simultaneously. This allows many pieces of information to be gathered in one real-time measurement, such as the particle’s speed, size, position, and shape. We call this the Quantum Trick.

With the help of the Q.ANT particle sensor, we are opening a whole new chapter in our Bionic Learning Network.

Prof. Dr. Volker Nestle

Head of Development LifeTech at Festo

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Quantum technology for industrial use? Q.ANT makes it possible.

Option 1: Laboratory Use

It has never been easier to use quantum technology: The particle sensor, designed for laboratory use, can be used as a finished product with minimal effort. The benefits are clear: less lead time and short-term use for your application.

Option 2: Fully Integrated into Your Process

The Q.ANT In-Process Particle Sensor is tailored to your specific application. This ensures that you are precisely measuring what you need, exactly where you need it. We look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

Rent Quantum Tech: Assess Your Use Case

Our Evaluation Kit makes it simple to test out quantum technology for your use: Rent the hardware for a period of time defined by you to try out the Q.ANT Particle Sensor. Training and guidance from our experts help your team apply the technology and individualize its potential to your specific use case. 

Trouble-free, on demand and with full cost control.

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When other sensors reach their limits, we start off.

– Dr. Andreas Schuerzinger

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        About Q.ANT

        Q.ANT is leveraging its own Quantum Photonic Framework to develop groundbreaking photonic sensors and computer chips. Established in 2018 as part of the Trumpf Group, the company is making quantum technologies applicable to numerous industries and use cases. Light is a key resource to unlock the potential of quantum technologies, so photonic quantum technologies are at the core of Q.ANT’s product development.

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